Some Might Say

Earlier this year, I (along with my then house-mate Rachel, @fillenumerique – now @humanplusdesign) was interviewed for an episode of the Zero Check Podcast.

The Zero Check is about great (and not so great) music and is hosted by Craig Wilson (@DarkOxygen), Rick Weiss (@RickWeiss) and Steve Joncas (@Jonclore).

Focusing on a British Pop edition of their increasing popular podcast, they were keen to include some commentary and insights from “British expats with first-hand tales to tell, and opinions to share.” The guys soon learned that we both had lots of opinions, on anything and everything!

Over the course of the evening, we traveled back to the mid-90s, revisiting a time when Blur, Oasis and other British acts dominated the airwaves.

During the episode we focused on some iconic British bands and albums including:

Oasis’ “(What’s the story) Morning Glory?”,

Blur’s “Parklife”,

Pulp’s “Different Class”,

and Elastica’s self-titled debut album”.

You can listen to the full episode here.

You can also subscribe to the Zero Check on iTunes.


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