Creating A Winning Social Networking Strategy

As a self confessed Event fanatic it should come as no surprise to many that I have already made sure that my diary between now and christmas is choc-o-block with all of the “can’t-miss” events of the Season, both from a personal and professional perspective.

Kicking off the festivities last week I went to my first “networking” event of the season; hosted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Surrey branch – held at Guildford Cathedral. If you’ve never been to Guildford Cathedral it is well worth a visit; and if you forget everything else I say in this post I urge you not to forget this – take a camera, it is truly stunning at sunset.

(Image courtesy of Guildford Catherdral website)

Anyway I digress….. As a studying member of the CIM; I am always keen to meet and speak with my fellow marketeers and I have a particular interest in events that have a social media focus, this event didn’t disappoint. Not only did I meet some really fantastic people but I also benefited from a fabulous workshop delivered by Nicky Kriel – Guildford’s very own Social Media Queen; giving tips and tricks to help create a winning social media strategy. Admittedly it was aimed at small businesses, but I feel that a lot of the advice Nicky gave rings true for me as an individual using social media too.

Here is a synopsis of the seminar “It is very easy to say you do social media as a business because you have a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account, but do you have a social media strategy? So many businesses rush into setting up accounts without looking at the bigger picture. Have you thought what you want to achieve through social media and how you will know when you’ve achieved it?  It is so important to start with the end in mind; otherwise, you could get caught up in the chat, or find it to be an endless, mindless, unmeasured chore”.

Nicky is a Master NLP Practioner and offers Social Media advice to small businesses. Check out her  website and her blog which is quickly becoming one of my favourites and is a goldmine of useful information.

I took away some really great tips and tricks of the trade including having a well thought out strategy for my blogging efforts was the most significant as this is an area that I am particularly keen to improve. I’ve also had a chance to rethink my approach for other my other social media accounts, and the need to have a consistent approach and presence. I learned so much in fact, this event has got me thinking about a new venture….keep your eyes open as more details will be posted soon.

Over the coming weeks I’ve been lucky enough to get myself tickets to some really great events (primarily Marketing focused); including Digital Surrey, the Guildford Link-up and many more, keep checking back as I’ll post details following each event.

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