Three Cool Things: Beer Commercials, Vinyl Records and Tea

1. Advertising: Guinness Wheelchairs Basketball Commercial Finally a new perspective from a beer commercial! Business Insider summarizes it best: “Guinness distinguishes itself from its competitors by aligning its product with a brand of masculinity that has long been absent from beer advertising”.  Read more, here. 2. Lifestyle: Vinyl Records A friend of mine recently inherited a stash of old-school records on vinyl and it got me thinking…..Vinyl records are something that I used to associate with my mum who would regularly play her favourite bands on an old-school turn-table. It wasn’t something that I considered to be particularly “cool” but … Continue reading Three Cool Things: Beer Commercials, Vinyl Records and Tea

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

It’s been a while! I have so much to update on and have a lot of recent adventures to share. For now – I am going to ease back into my blogging routine gently and start with a photo challenge. This week’s theme is companionship. This seems like a great opportunity to post two of my favourite pictures of my furry friends….Megan & Molly, who are back in the UK with my parents. I miss them….but I get to have a cuddle (or ten) in a few weeks time when I’m heading back for a visit. Yay! Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable